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Emily Heller attempts a tarot card reading with Eliza Coupe while high on mushrooms in “The Future”

Actress Eliza Coupe is celebrity psychic Emily Heller’s latest client in the Above Average web-series The Future…


The Future feat. Olivia Wilde - Emily Heller reads cards for Olivia Wilde.


Pretty bummed that Olivia didn’t name even her first baby Wanda.

Reminder about this great show on Monday!

New episode of the Future featuring Olivia Wilde!!! This one is one of my favorites!!!!!

Written by me, Brian Singleton, & Jim Brandon! Directed by Oren Brimer!!!

My favorite pic from this weekend: when I briefly had my own section at the Jack White show.


I don’t know how I have missed Emily Heller’s new comedy fortune telling so far but I AM GOING TO FIX THIS MISTAKE RIGHT NOW, and so are you. 

Emily Heller is really funny. You remember her from CODEFELLAS. She is my hero.

And here she is with another of my heroes, “Little Hockey" himself, TIM MEADOWS.

Watch this and then watch ALL of the episodes and then everyone send Emily ten dollars cash in the mail. Put it in a card that says: THANK YOU. Or I WISH YOU WERE NOT MY GRANDPA or whatever. 

Do they even still make “I WISH YOU WERE NOT MY GRANDPA” cards? 

It comes up a lot.

Meanwhile, good morning, and THAT IS ALL.

POST SCRIPT: I have not watched that Tim Meadows hockey monologue in a long time. I had forgotten how much fly WHALERS LOVE there is in it.  

What a nice thing for John Hodgman to say. More episodes of the Future coming soon! With Olivia Wilde, Moshe Kasher, & more!!!

Very, very excited about bringing our show to LA!!!!

The Future ft. Tim Meadows (by Above Average)

Yep. New episode of The Future!


#BeaconOfHope Now that I’ve cleared up, to the approval of anyone still confused and full of men’s rage why #yesallwomen isn’t a personal attack on them…let me fix loneliness.

I am the hero of this story.

I had one “boyfriend” for 6 months in college and then, 17 yrs later, I met my husband…

I love and relate to this so deeply