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But not last night, baby! While Keane performed extremely well on rounds about passive aggressive behavior and nuns (he cornered the market on sexy Catholic jokes), he was trumped by Brendan Lynch and Emily Heller on the “zombies versus unicorns” round. To be fair, some people questioned the topicality of zombies and unicorns. One is a mythical animal, the other is a projection of social phobias. At one point, a handwritten note made the rounds in back: “Zombies + unicorns = white people problems.” Lynch echoed that sentiment onstage. “Hey — did anyone notice that all of these topics are geared for white people?” Nonetheless, last night’s Iron Comic was riveting. Especially at the end, when Heller and Lynch sparred over fag hags, whiskey, flesh-eating bacteria, and teen pregnancy. In the end, Heller prevailed.

Emily Heller Beats Out Four Iron Comics at SF Punchline | Ear Bud

Wrap-up of last night’s somewhat epic battle. Someone buy me a tiara!!!

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