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We’ve got another hot one next Monday! With Nate Bargatze, Ali Wong, and the Lucas Brothers! UCB Theater, 11 pm

Poster art by Lisa Hanawalt!

Hey! What are you up to Monday night? What’s that? You’re coming to my show? oh wow, that’s great, so cool to hear. Can’t wait to see you. It’s been too long.

We’re coming back on the 28th!!! And so should you!

I am so, so, so excited about this. With Donny Divanian, Nicole Byer, and Chris Garcia! You can buy tickets here: https://nerdmeltla.com/tickets2/index.php?event_id=890/

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to perform at RiotLA this weekend! HERE ARE ALL THE SHOWS I’M DOING!

Hey everybody -

I will be in LA starting tomorrow and I will be performing on some shows there! I didn’t put most of them on my calendar because of time zones and google and megawatts and some other stuff I don’t like trying to figure out. HERE’S WHAT SHOWS I’M DOING:

Monday, March 25

Hot Tub with Kurt & Kristen - 8 pm, The Virgil

Keep it Clean - 10 pm, Public House

Tuesday, March 26

Holy Fuck - 9 pm, Downtown Independent

CONAN - 11 pm, your TV!!!

Thursday, March 28

The Business - 8 pm, Lyric Hyperion Theater

Sunday, March 31

Power Violence - 9:30 pm, 6470 Santa Monica Blvd

That’s all for now! Hope to see you there!

I’ll be performing comedy in LA this week! Here are my shows:

Thursday 11/15

8 pm - The Business @ Lyric Hyperion Theater

8:30 pm - Josh and Josh @ Bar Lubitsch

Sunday 11/18

8:30 pm - French Toast @ Taix

9:30 pm - Power Violence @ 6470 Santa Monica

Monday 11/19

10:30 pm - Westwood Brewco

Tuesday 11/20

8:30 pm - Comedy Bang Bang at UCB